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A completely personalized customer experience

We understand that your business is unique. Unlike large national agencies, we never take a cookie-cutter approach. Our size and flexibility allows us to create a customized service package just for your company. This personalized approach ensures the highest possible returns with no complaints.


We're proud to have experienced continued growth over the years, thanks largely to our collections clients' referrals and word of mouth. Let us earn your loyalty!

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Our collection agents are some of the best in the business. We select our trainees based on their communications, sales and customer service skills.  We then provide them with the extensive training they need to produce outstanding results for our clients.  All of our agents are trained from the ground up to treat your customers with dignity and respect while complying with all applicable laws and regulations. This ensures that your company's image, as well as ours, remains untarnished.

Experienced Collection agents average 10+ years

Over 60 years of solutions that make sense

At CBSI we find that cooperation, not demands, produces the best results. That's why our agents are trained to work closely with individual consumers to find mutually beneficial solutions. It's this win-win approach, coupled with outstanding customer care, which has allowed our company to thrive over the past 60 years.

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Client care that far outshines

our competition

Secure HIPAA Compliant Technology that works for you

For your convenience, our process is fully automated. As our client, you have the ability to place accounts with us using our dedicated client access portal.  You'll have the ability to generate complex reports, access detailed account data and securely transfer files. All of your data is 128-bit encrypted and is compliant with HIPAA and regulatory bodies.


Uncompromised Security – CBSI understands the need for robust security controls and planning to protect your information. We place utmost importance on security incorporating the latest physical and firewall technology. All our systems are updated and monitored 24-7-365. All computers are top of the line and we work on a triple redundant virtualized computer server with daily backups.


Compliance - CBSI is committed to compliance and takes it very seriously. Our compliance officer continually reviews our processes and we act proactively to the constantly changing environment.  We have a custom made compliance management system, extensive documented policies and procedures, and document all interactions with consumers.  We stay well versed with all the regulations governing our business activities.  All our collectors are highly trained with FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, CFPB, giving you peace of mind knowing compliance issues will not tarnish your good name.

Iowa based collection agency = Higher returns and

virtually no complaints

As a local, family owned business we understand the local culture, economy and financial environment.  Furthermore, CBSI has an advantage that most other collection agencies don't, thanks to our large consumer database.  Over the past 60 years, CBSI has been collecting a unique and detailed database on consumers across Iowa and the surrounding area.  With this information we are able to connect data points and create economies of scale that other agencies cannot.  


Ponder this: When you place a new account with us, on average 75% of the time that new account will link to others in our existing database.  The net result is more accurate data, already established relationship, and we can return more while operating in a virtually complaint free environment.

We truly care

CBSI has been committed to customer and consumer service since 1955. We are located in a small community and every team member operates with a strong sense of pride.  We realize that many of the consumers we talk to live in small communities as well.  Our collection agents understand this and are able to have an instant connection with consumers resulting in better returns, while developing goodwill with consumers.